Animal Rights

Health of Animals Regulations


The Canadian Government, and indeed governments in much of the world, could help immensely by enacting legislation that would firstly allow for our pet dependants to recover a portion of costs associated with the responsible ownership of an animal including the cost of the animal from a shelter and shelter contributions, vaccinations against communicable diseases such as rabies,  spaying and neutering, even a portion of food would encourage people to buy the healthier brands rather than the cheapest brands at the supermarket.  Cheaper brands may be encouraged to better their standards and provide more transparency to the consumer.  We need legislation that would see dogs and cats as living beings, and more than mere personal property.


The animals that we put to work such as police and ‘helper’ dogs, are claimed as business property that requires maintenance, thus certain deductions can be claimed.  Farmers are able to claim deductions on the costs associated with (for example) the well being of ‘farm’ animals that produce (and reproduce) for commercial purposes. 


Our pets deserve the very best, and the government can help make it happen.


Please support your local animal shelter and / or humane society.

Animal Rescue Societies Need Help

Please Support Your Local Animal Shelter / Humane Society

       Sheba was found abandoned near a reserve at Wabamun, Alberta.  She has been an incredibly sweet and gentle dog since I found her.   She had a grey tear under her right eye which I thought was ironic considering the situation from which she had just been rescued; living on a highway, eating out of the garbage and mistreated at the hand of man.  After feeding her at a farmers field for number of weeks, she learned to trust and, seeing her good nature, I brought her home. 


           I was worried about potential problems with her adapting to the other pets, but she was well behaved and incredibly docile.  Her grey and white fur needed some brushing, and a bath with lots of pet shampoo. During a trip to the veterinarian for her shots, spaying and check-up, I learned she was only about 2 or 3 years old and already had at least 2 litters of puppies.  She ate, ate, and ate some more, ran around and swam in the lake every time she had the chance.  I had to teach her how to play, she had no idea what to do with dog-toys, which was both sad yet funny to see her discover these new things.  It was a while before I could pick-up a stick to throw without her cowering.  She very quickly noticed that Odie, the resident alpha male could do no wrong, so she followed him everywhere and did what he did for the first 6 months as she became more confident.  


She is an official part of the family, gentle and healthy (if not a little on the heavy side).  I found it strange, and don’t know exactly when it happened, but I noticed one day that the tear under her eye was gone as she clearly turned into a happy, healthy, well-adjusted dog.


           There are a great many dogs abandoned throughout the province as shelters require payment to accept ‘intakes’.  While it is understandable that shelters can only operate with adequate shelter space and food and while they do need funding desperately, there is no excuse for ever turning away an animal in need of shelter.


           Please support your local shelter, ensuring that your donation will allow somebody who cannot afford to pay to put their animal in a shelter rather than abandoning them in the street.


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