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Officially established in 2009, we make every attempt to organize and provide up - to - date information pertaining to the ever-changing, ever-evolving legal landscape in Canada. 

Paralegals and other administrative professionals are the backbone of any good law firm; there is an abundance of tasks, including research, writing, interviews and many other time consuming projects for which lawyers charge a great deal. It is always wise to seek council from a legal professional for your province with any legal matter to ensure that your best interests are protected.  Information and otherwise contained within this website is not legal advice but rather tools and information to assist in your research.  We generally don’t do the work for our clients, but rather help people access these tools to understand Canadian legislation.

At some point, everybody will require some sort of legal information, be it a simple form or template, case files, or any number of  other services; we will make every effort to help within our legal ability.  Writing one’s own forms and contracts can take hours off of a lawyers’ billable hours by having the preliminary work already done for them.  Requests for information not found on this site is generally sent directly to the individual instead of posted on-line. Common requests will be posed on the  “Commonly Requested Legislation and Regulation” page. 

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All communications are kept in the strictest of confidence in accordance with the Canadian Bar Association
Code of Professional Conduct

This is obviously not a flashy website, it’s purpose outranks it’s presentation; the people whom we have helped know that first hand.   

Our clients who take the time to read and understand legislation as it pertains to them, more often than not, find themselves successful in their endeavours. 

When you can prove that the law is on your side,
the rest becomes mere formality.

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*As per recent legislation (C-28 Anti-Spam Law) requiring expressed consent for a Canadian company to contact any other Canadian, any request that requires a response will be deemed as express consent to reply/correspond/contact you via email or any other type of electronic communication for the sole purpose of your initial query/correspondence.
We will never send unrequested SPAM.

 (Is it just me or is it completely ridiculous to feel the need for such a disclosure?)

~Siddhartha Gautama
(C.563-483 BCE)

Happy is he who has overcome his ego.

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