Text Box: Social Justice Warrior…  well, no… but at the same time, yes.

"Social justice warrior" (commonly abbreviated SJW) is a term used for labeling an individual who promotes socially progressive ideals, including but not limited to feminism, civil rights, multiculturalism, environmentalism, identity politics, and many other areas where real justice is absent.

Dating back to 1824, the term "social justice" has referred to justice on many different social levels.  The use of the phrase in a positive manner continued from the 1990s through the 2000s.  ~Wikipedia

“Warrior” was added to the phrase in the late 20th century, as a neutral or positive term for people engaged in social justice activism. In 2011, when the term was first tweeted it was been used both by the left as a positive term while the right have tried to spin a negative narrative on anyone who would try to stand up for what is socially just within such a just society.  During the Gamergate controversy, the negative connotation gained increased use, and was particularly aimed at those espousing views adhering to social liberalism, cultural inclusiveness, feminism, as well as views deemed to be “politically correct”.   The right wing seems unable to get along without using racially charged “politically incorrect” terms, such as the early 20th century terms for people of differing cultural, religious, or ethnic backgrounds.  The right does not like that they cannot use the “N-Word” to describe people of colour, as it is simply too “PC”.  These are the most hypocritical persons in society, who fear for their own majority culture while trying to eliminate all others.  Its’ yet to be understood why anyone other than rich, white males would vote against their interests… maybe it’s some sort of political 

In 2009, and without even knowing the background of the term “SJW”, the founder had decided to use his name initials “SJW” coupled with “PS” for Professional Services.  That being said, we are absolutely ardent supporters of social justice, and particularly with regard to fighting corporatist ideologues who would rather their companies be able to trump human rights, such as the CEO of Nestle (please boycott all Nestle products) who insists that humans do not have a right to water… being composed of 75%+ water just means we should buy all our water from Nestle, while they drain our aquafers for basically nothing (something like $3/million litres, sold back to us at $3/litre). 

There are indeed many problems in todays society with regard to inequality across a plethora of socioeconomic platforms.  Income inequality is a driving factor behind many of the other social issues we see in society.  The most wealthy and powerful on the planet have accumulated and hoarded   such vast amounts of wealth from the poor, kept safe in foreign, off-shore bank accounts as to avoid paying their fair share to live and prosper here in Canada (or the US for that matter).  Those extremely few individuals within the top one percent, hoard as much wealth as more than half of the entire population at the other end of the scale.

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